SDCTM Presentation-Your Sub Title Here

SDCTM Presentation-Your Sub Title Here

SDCTM Presentation

2017 SDCTM & SDSTA Annual Joint Conference

Transform your Classroom Routine!
Session Number: 60
Presenter(s): Lindsey Brewer NBCT,
Lori Keleher NBCT,

Date/Time: Friday, February 3rd, 2017 3:30-4:20
Crossroads Convention Center Room: Dakota B

Description: Are you tired of the same old activities? Join us to learn 3 ways to transform ordinary assignments into engaging activities. Receive examples, instructions, and templates to create your own versions of Lucky Buckets, Find Someone Who and Punch Out. Get your students moving both physically and mentally!!!

PDF Handout of PowerPoint Presentaiton
Word Template of Find Someone Who
Word Template Punch Out
for Lucky Buckets

Grouping Stratigies Shared: Post Cards, Kisses & Line Up (number line)